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Extra safety measures implemented at Newcastle Airport after landing drama

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Following an investigation into a recent incident at Newcastle Airport, two safety recommendations were made to the Civil Aviation Authority from the AAIB (Air Accident Investigation Branch) at Newcastle Airport.

According to one of our most popular Newcastle Airport parking providers, the incident in question occurred on 25th November 2010 when an aircraft overshot the safety zone landing in heavy snow and coming to rest on the paved surface of the runway.

Fortunately there were no injuries following the near miss, and the hundred and eighty nine passengers were safely evacuated from the aircraft as it returned from the Canary Islands to Newcastle.

The report revealed that appropriate equipment had been used to assess the runway prior to the botched landing and that it had been visually inspected for snow.

The current snow measuring systems of the ICAO and the EASA (the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the European Aviation Safety Agency) currently differ, and the report calls for clearer guidelines in this.

The CAA have been asked to publish a better definition of what a 'contaminated runway' is, and to develop a clearer way to assess snow on the runway so as to relay the information to pilots who can assess landing distances better.

There was a reported 2mm of snow on the runway on the day in question and the pilot was given the all-clear to land.

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