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    Meet & Greet Liverpool Airport

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    If you are after something a little more luxurious then a Meet & Greet service offers just that and more. Gone are the days of loading and unloading luggage onto transfer buses, a Meet & Greet service allows you to drive straight to the airport terminal, where you will be met by an experienced, insured chauffeur.

    Once you have unloaded your luggage and your car has been checked over, the chauffeur will take your car to the nearby secure car park and park it for you, where it will remain for the duration of your trip under constant security protection.

    This service is also perfect for those on business trips, travelling with heavy or awkward luggage and those travelling with disabled passengers.

    • Easy, stress free way to begin your trip
    • Chauffeur Meets you at the terminal
    • No need to carry heavy or awkward luggage onto shuttle buses
    • Great way to save time before a business trip.

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